Feb 4th, 2018

Brian McFadden has revealed he had a hair transplant and has taken to Twitter to show off the results.

The singer proudly shared his new look after receiving the treatment from the KLS clinic in the UK.

Sharing pictures of his hair transformation, Brian wrote: “So glad I finally done something about it. Feel amazing today!”

Replying to a fan on Twitter, he said: “People should not be embarrassed about getting your hair done.

“It’s just moving hair from the back of your head to the front.

The former Westlife star admitted that he was ‘self-conscious’ about his receding hairline.

He wrote: “The last few years my hair line has been thinning and receding due to my lifestyle and the general stresses we go through in life.

“It’s been really making me self conscious and uncomfortable so I decided to do something about it.”

Brian also revealed that the treatment was done by an old school pal.

He added: “I never thought the the answer to my problem was the young boy who sat beside me in school!!!

“Simon my old school buddy is the man behind the magic. It’s such a small crazy world.”

Jan 17th, 2018

She has been somewhat unlucky-in-love, and is currently divorcing her third husband George Kay.

And Kerry Katona has now revealed that Brian McFadden has always been ‘the love of her life’ – with her even reaching out to him during her relationship with Mark Croft.

Speaking to Reveal magazine, the 37-year-old confessed she had called the Westlife singer and ‘begged’ him to take her back, just one night before her new man Mark proposed in 2006.

Looking back at their time together, Kerry confessed to the magazine: ‘I was devastated when we split up. The night before Mark proposed I was on the phone to Brian begging him to take me back.’

She went on to admit the Irish singer had been the one true love of her life, who she shared many milestones with.

She added: ‘He was the love of my life, Brian. I’m not going to deny it. It was the first time I had a baby with somebody, the first time I got married. It’s all the firsts.’

Kerry married Brian in 2002, but he filed for divorce in 2004 and embarked on a relationship with Australian singer Delta Goodrem
The pair met when the Westlife singer asked Delta to duet with him on the song Almost Here – which became about his breakup with Kerry.

Brian and Kerry’s divorce was finalised in 2006, and he and Delta went on to date for seven years before they split in 2011.

Taxi driver Mark proposed to Kerry that year after five weeks of romance, and the pair married on Valentine’s Day in 2007, before splitting in 2009.

Kerry raises children Molly, Lilly-Sue with Brian, while she shares Max and Heidi with second spouse Mark and Dylan-Jorge with estranged husband George Kay.

Kerry first split from George in October 2015, and one month later she appeared in court where she accused him of beating her up at their home, after he allegedly armed himself with a Taser-style device and a knife.

Source: DailyMail

Dec 5th, 2017

Brian McFadden, Irish singer songwriter, TV presenter and former member of boy band Westlife, chats with Kevin Cooper about a Boyzone and Westlife double header tour, playing golf, leaving Westlife and touring the UK as Boyzlife with Keith Duffy.

Whose idea was it to do Boyzlife?

It was actually Keith’s. He was going to do the show by himself. He had this idea of doing a one-man autobiographical show where he talks about his career, his life and everything that he has gone through in the last 40 years or so. Then he came along to see me performing my solo show and as he watched me singing he realised that the one thing that was missing was the performance side of the show.

So we sat down together and thought how we could perform the songs from Westlife and Boyzone with us telling the stories about our careers.

We have been friends for a very long time. We both grew up in Dublin and only lived five minutes from each other. These days we are golfing buddies and manage to play a lot. I thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if we toured together so we could play the gig in the evening, golf in the morning and a few drinks after?’

Were you and Keith friends when you were in your respective bands? Wasn’t there a Westlife vs Boyzone rivalry?

There was never any rivalry between Westlife and Boyzone. We started our career as a support act to Boyzone; they gave us our big break. Then obviously when Westlife took off Boyzone then took their break, Ronan (Keating) went solo, Keith went onto act in Coronation Street and the rest of the boys went off to do their own thing. We were never in the market at the same time.

You are bringing the show to The Glee Club in Nottingham – do you enjoy your time spent here in Nottingham?

Yes I do I really do and I am so looking forward to playing The Glee Club up there. I think that I have only played Nottingham once in the last few years. I was in the show, Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds and I can remember playing at the Arena a few years ago now. I think that was the last time that I was in Nottingham.

You are forgetting 2013 when you opened for Ronan on his Fires tour here in Nottingham at the Royal Concert Hall.

Of course, Ronan did play Nottingham, I had forgotten about that. Don’t tell him will you? (laughs). When we play The Glee Club I am hoping that Nottingham’s favourite son will come down to the show; Carl (Froch) loves the Boyzone and Westlife gigs (laughs).

Without giving too much away, what can we expect?

Well there will obviously be quite a lot of hit songs being sung. We had 21 No. 1s between the two of us. We will also be telling you a lot of things that happened backstage, on the road and stuff that you probably wouldn’t see in the music videos or in the magazines, such as the mischief that we got up to.

Is there any new material on the horizon?

I have literally just started writing once again and I am currently writing new material for a new solo album.

I was thinking that you and Keith could perhaps record an album of your interpretations of Boyzone and Westlife hits.

We could most definitely do that. Perhaps we could do a live version of that because I think that it would be funnier.

You left Westlife in March 2004. With hindsight was it the right time to leave the band?

Looking back now it is hard to tell what was right and what was wrong. I know that at the time it felt completely right. I was ready to step back. I had been in the band for six solid years, working 360 days a year, only getting a couple of days off at Christmas to see your family, working 6am to 1am and getting very little sleep. Those six years felt like twelve years.

I interviewed Shane Filan recently and mentioned that 2018 was Westlife’s twentieth anniversary – he told me in no uncertain terms he will be doing nothing whatsoever to celebrate it.

I know that I won’t be doing anything to celebrate it. There have been no discussions but I haven’t heard if they will be doing anything to celebrate it.

You have to remember that there are two Westlifes – the one that I was in and then the Westlife after me. They are two different bands. After I left the boys reinvented themselves.

I would say that the most likely thing is that if they do get around to doing something then it will most probably just be the four of them.

Because 2018 is also Boyzone’s 25th anniversary I suggested a Westlife and Boyzone double header tour – I got the feeling he wasn’t very impressed with that idea

I think that nine people on the one stage is most probably too many (laughs). It’s hard enough keeping mine and Keith’s egos in check without having seven more.

What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?

That would have to be Westlife, absolutely. The beginning of Westlife and me getting into the band was such a massive thing. It was really strange because most people start off in the music business and they don’t know just how it is going to go but there was such a buzz around Westlife when we first started, even before the first single came out, you could see that something big was going to happen.

Dec 1st, 2017

Brian McFadden has revealed he will never have botox injections again, after he was left horrified by a previous experience.

And the former Westlife star has banned himself from going under the needle and insisted he is going to “age gracefully”.

The 37-year-old hit out at some of the The Only Way is Essex stars for having cosmetic work done.

Speaking about the botox, Brian said he was not happy with the results after his face was left frozen.

He told Woman magazine: “I had Botox once. I had a little above my eyes, but my face wouldn’t move – I’m never doing that again.

“A friend of mine was getting it done – so I gave it a go. I looked weird.

“Yes, the wrinkles had gone from my forehead, but I looked like some of these people that I see in The Only Way is Essex, and they kind of look like a melted candle.”

“No more Botox for me! I’m going to try and age gracefully now.”

Sep 13th, 2017

GOOD news Boyzone and Westlife fans: band members Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden have joined forces.

To celebrate the success of each of their chart-topping bands, Brian (Westlife) and Keith (Boyzone) created Boyzlife and after sell-out events earlier in the year, they’ve added new dates to their nationwide tour.

The newly added UK and Ireland dates are as follows:

Wednesday December 6 – Arts Club, Liverpool
Thursday December 7 – Club Academy, Manchester
Friday December 8 – The Old Market, Brighton
Sunday December 10 – SWX Bristol, Bristol
Monday December 11 – Tramshed, Cardiff
Tuesday December 12 – The Clapham Grand, London
Wednesday December 13 – Exeter Phoenix, Exeter
Thursday December 14 – Epic Studios, Norwich
Sunday December 17 – The Assembly, Leamington
Monday December 18 – O2 ABC Glasgow, Glasgow
Tuesday December 19 – The Glee Club, Nottingham

When are Boyzlife tickets on sale? Where can I get them?

Tickets for the tour are on sale now.

There are two VIP packages available for each show – the Boyzlife VIP Package and the Boyzlife VVIP Package.

They are on sale here.

How much are the tickets?

Standard tickets are between £28.50 and £32.50.

While VIP tickets for each show are split into categories:

The Boyzlife VIP Package costs £75 and includes the following:

A meet and greet with the guys
A photo opportunity
Priority entry to the gig
Priority access to merchandise
An exclusive merchandise item

Apr 29th, 2017

Up stairs in the Cork Opera House, Keith Duffy is doling out bottles of water to everyone in the room.

“Want some water Brian?” he asks, waving one at Brian McFadden. “No thanks,” he quips back. “I’m trying to cut down. Drank about 12 bottles of the stuff last night.”

The two members of two of the biggest boy bands of the nineties are in Cork to promote their upcoming show at the Opera House, and their banter gives some insight into how life has changed for them.

After the success of their tour last year, the pair decided to put on two shows this summer, one in Cork and one in Limerick.

But even after a string of sold-out performances across the UK last year, they both admit they were initially hesitant to even bring their show to Ireland.

“We decided at the time we weren’t going to do Ireland, we were going to stick to the UK and keep Ireland as our safe haven,” Duffy explains.

“It’s kind of ironic and I can’t explain why,” Duffy says.

“But we sold out the whole of the UK in four hours. It took us something like two months to sell out two nights in Dublin… and we’re both from Dublin!”

“And they were the two smallest gigs,” McFadden pipes in.

“And they were the two smallest gigs! So whatever the reasons behind that….” Duffy trails off.

Is there a noticeable difference between their British and Irish fans?

“We have English fans,” McFadden laughs.

But both artists have die-hard fans, people who have followed their progress through the years, Duffy explains.

“Now they’ve got older, they have their own families, they have their own kids. They bring their kids to see us. We know them. I would follow them on their twitter accounts.

“If they’re coming to a show, they’ll dm me. That’s how well I know them, they’ll dm me and say look we’re going to be there is there any way we can say a quick hello.”

“You should really give them your phone number by now,” McFadden interrupts.

“You know what, I did give them my phone number once because I left my golf clubs at a hotel in Glasgow,” Duffy says laughing.

“I told two of the fans that had driven to the airport on their days off and I asked ‘can you go back to the hotel and get the golf clubs in case I miss my flight’.”

“They got back to the airport in record time with my golf clubs and they texted me when they were outside. And they’ve never used that number since. If they want to contact me they’ll contact me through twitter, they will not use my phone number.”

“Any day now, I should be getting it hopefully,” McFadden quips.

Originally when they were asked to put on shows this summer, they didn’t think there was any demand from the public.

“We were unsure because Dublin took so long for us to sell was there any want for us. We said ‘We’d love to but we just don’t know if they want us there!’” Duffy laughs.

“So here we are, and we’re going to give it a go and if they want us there, people will come and see us and if it’s not they won’t, but we don’t know, it’s an unknown entity at the moment.

“We’ll come down and we’ll have a great night, even if it’s just the two of us!”

The show consists of a mixture of their songs and untold stories, with both performers sharing their memories of their time in their bands.

“All our stories are video related. An example is when Westlife did a duet with Mariah Carey but there’s a piece in the video where I’m caught staring at her boobs,” McFadden explains, referring to the band’s video for ‘Against All Odds’.

“The camera pans out,” says Duffy, “and it’s all the boys and Brian’s like that…” He says, sticking his tongue out and ogling.

“So then Keith shows that video and then we tell the story.”

Stories about when you were on tour before?

“Everything. Stories about life,” McFadden says.

“There’s no bitching. We’re not here to cause trouble for anybody,” Duffy adds.

“We’re literally just reminiscing about how it started, where the success came from, how we built on it where we went to and now it’s like a little thank you to it. Because everything wasn’t roses.

“We lost Stephen Gately back in 2009, eight years this year. There are the sad times and we talk about the difficult things that we don’t like to talk about, we talk about them. You know, Brian’s had a couple of marriage break-ups, we talk about all that stuff.”

“There’ll be few more by the next one!” McFadden responds and they both crack up.

Are you really going to talk about that stuff on stage?

“No I don’t talk about my marriage breakups, of course not,” McFadden says, suddenly serious.

“But we talk about what was happening in our life during all these things. When you have a job like this, it’s all kind of rosy on the outside, people looking in think it’s great. But you know it’s not always great.

“There are things that we’d be going through and I think people would look at it thinking they must be having the time of their lives but actually inside, you could be struggling or having a hard time. We discuss all of that.”

How was it to experience that level of fame so young?

“Listen, we were very lucky. We were 17, 18 years of age, given a ticket to fly around the world and have a great time,” Duffy says.

“And get paid for it!” McFadden laughs.

“And get paid for it. Every country you’d go to you’d have 300 or 400 people screaming your name when you arrive at the airport. Like what the hell’s going on here. Bizarre! It was all very bizarre, you never believe your own hype.

“When you come into this business you’re working on, you’re burning on every cylinder,” he continues.

“They just keep pumping, pumping, pumping, pushing, pushing. Keeping the brand rolling, growing the brand – but we’re people. When you’re working 18 hours a day, you get tired and cranky and narky. You can’t appreciate it the way you should appreciate it. You take things for granted.

“When you come to our age now and the high life, the madness, the crazed part of your career is over, it’s very difficult to fill your day. What we’re doing, we’re doing at our pace now which is great.”

How do they like to spend their free time when they are here?

“We play a lot of golf because it gets you out, it’s a good walk you know it’s socialising,” Duffy explains.

“Some people in this business just become hermits and lock themselves away. I think they can start becoming depressed, and not happy in their surroundings. Something is missing, there’s a void in their life.

“So we try to fill our time now constructively with things that aren’t doing any harm to anybody else… unless you hit someone with a golf ball.”

After their show are they planning a night out in the city?

“Absolutely,” McFadden says, nodding with conviction.

Duffy starts to list out some of his favourite bars around Cork city when Brian cuts in.

“Yeah but the best place in Cork is Trabolgan,” he says.

“The best place in Cork, we used to go there every summer.”

“Did you ever go to Fota Island?” Duffy asks.

“No, we were always Trabolgan. You used to have the wave pool, the crazy golf and the pub and that’s all we wanted.”

“I went to Trabolgan when I was 16 with me Mam and me Dad.”

“Brilliant isn’t it?”

“Fell in love with a girl, we had a little whirlwind romance for about ten days. She was from Midleton.”

Our interview is interrupted while Duffy responses to a message from Louis Walsh. Do they both keep in contact with the famous manager?

“We see him from time to time. Louis’s a character. He’s never going to change,” Duffy says.

“He can upset you by saying things in the press whatever, but if you get upset by Louis you’re mad.”

“When you read things he says about you in the press, you go — I can’t believe he said that but when you see him saying it he’d be giggling and laughing. He’s just winding you up,” McFadden adds.

Do the pair have any warm-up routines before they perform?

“We go through this whole yoga preparation now right before we go on stage. We get water steamed into the room with eucalyptus oils,” Duffy says earnestly.

It’s hard to tell if he’s being serious or not.

“I’m joking, we do fuck all. We have a glass of red wine and give each other a hug. Say a little prayer.”

“Prayer and vodka and we have two fags before we go onstage,” McFadden adds laughing.

Mar 1st, 2017

Brian McFadden says Rochdale is now his “first home” after finding love with a PE teacher.

The former Westlife star says he now spends most of his time in Rochdale after meeting Danielle Parkinson – and as a bonus living in Greater Manchester brings him closer to his beloved favourite football team Manchester United.

The Irish singer was recently seen sunning himself in Barbados with Danielle, who he met last year through mutual friends, ahead of his tour with former Boyzone star Keith Duffy as Boyzlife.

And he says things are going swimmingly with Danielle, who teaches at Matthew Moss High School.

Brian, who was previously married to Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona and Irish model Vogue Williams, told us: “We had a lovely holiday and it was nice to get away before the tour.

“And Danielle is a teacher so it was nice for her to have a holiday.

“We met in Manchester through mutual friends and at the moment it’s my first home.

“I’m in Rochdale all the time now.

“It’s perfect for me because I’m a Manchester United supporter and I enjoy playing golf in Manchester. “It isn’t my first time in Manchester but I had never been to Rochdale before.”

Father of two Brian, who was a member of the chart-topping boyband Westlife from 1998 to 2004, has joined forced with fellow Irish pop star and former Coronation Street actor Keith to form the singing and bantering duo Boyzlife.

Another Boyzlife tour of laughter, stories and music comes to the Hilton Deansgate on Thursday April 13 and Friday April 14.

Feb 16th, 2017

The two Irish singers were on Lorraine to talk about their new boyband Boyzlife.

Brian was part of Westlife and Keith was in Boyzone, so the duo decided to team together to create their new supergroup.

However, things got a bit cheeky between Brian and Lorraine when they started talking about golf.

The TV presenter couldn’t get over the boys’ obsession with the sport and said: “Do you not get fed up of it, cross with it?

“You go out and do exactly the same thing, the exactly the same course, the exactly the same clubs, you’re rubbish and then the next day you’ll be good.”

To which Brian replied with: “Lorraine, is that not what you’ve been doing for the last 25 years?”

The 57 year old was left shocked at the comment and then burst out laughing.

“That’s very true,” she quickly added.

However, the banter didn’t stop there and Keith decided to say: “Where’s your social life gone? Do you have one?”

To which she replied with: “No.

“Cinderella as you know, always got to leave early!”

While Brian added: “Get yourself some golf clubs and when you’ve finished yapping here in the morning, go out onto that golf course.

“It will change your life forever.”

Viewers were left in hysterics over the Boyzlife members antics and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One person said: “You need to get Boyzlife as guest presenters #Lorraine”.

A second user put: “#Lorraine, how funny were they, should have their own show!”.

While a third account added: “Keith and Brian should have their own TV chat show they’re lots of fun with plenty of cheeky chat #Boyzlife #Lorraine x”.

Lorraine continues on weekdays at 8:30am on ITV.

Jan 31st, 2017

To celebrate the success of each of their chart-topping bands, Brian (Westlife) and Keith (Boyzone) have created Boyzlife and are taking part in another nationwide tour.

The intimate gigs will be taking place at Hilton Hotels up and down the country and are bound to be popular amongst die-hard fans. But when are they touring and how much are tickets? Here’s what you need to know…

The UK and Ireland dates announced are as follows:

Sunday April 2 – Hilton Glasgow
Monday April 3 – Hilton Glasgow
Tuesday April 4 – Hilton Belfast
Wednesday April 5 – Hilton Belfast
Monday April 10 – Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tuesday April 11 – Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Thursday April 13 – Hilton Manchester Deansgate
Saturday April 15 – Hilton Birmingham Metropole
Sunday April 16 – Hilton Birmingham Metropole
Monday April 17 – Hilton Liverpool
Tuesday April 18 – Hilton Liverpool
Sunday April 30 – Hilton Brighton Metropole
Monday May 1 – Hilton Brighton Metropole
Tuesday May 2 – Hilton London Bankside
Wednesday May 3 – Hilton London Bankside

Tickets for the tour are on sale now and start at £35. There are two VIP packages available for each show – the Boyzlife VIP Package and the Boyzlife VVIP Package.

Tickets for each show are split into four categories: Category A, Category B, VIP Package and VVIP Package. Category B tickets are the furthest from the stage and cost £35. Category A tickets are behind the VIP seats and cost £45.

The Boyzlife VIP Package costs £75 and includes the following:

Premium seating
Private meet and greet with Boyzlife straight after the show (limited to one hour)
Photo opportunity at the private meet and greet
Signed exclusive tour merchandise item
The Boyzlife VVIP Package costs £200 and includes the following:

Soundcheck attendance
Boyzlife goody bag
Reserved seating in VIP
Drinks service at interval – brought to the seats
Queue jump for ticketing and VIP meet and greet
Dinner at venue

They are on sale at boyzlifetour.com. [Source]

Jan 24th, 2017

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