His sister Susan is no stranger to musical theatre, having played leading roles in the West End and on tour since winning Grease is the Word.

Now big brother Brian is getting in on the act.

McFadden senior is heading for the ECHO arena later this month, appearing as the Sung Thoughts of the Journalist in Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds.

But while this may be a departure for the Westlife singer, it’s not, it appears, his first experience of big stage spectaculars.

“I did all kinds of kids’ productions, and stuff like Grease,” he reveals of his time as a young member of Dublin’s Billie Barry Stage School.

“And I also did some big productions, things like the Wizard of Oz, which was a nine or 10 month run in the Olympia Theatre in Dublin.

“But I haven’t been in a musical since I was 13 or 14, so this will be my first time doing any sort of ensemble work since then.”

And it’s quite an ensemble that show mastermind Jeff Wayne has drawn together for what he has declared to be the final arena tour for the all-singing, all-fire breathing stage version of H G Wells’ sci-fi classic.

The cast includes Jason Donovan as Parson Nathaniels, Les Mis’ Carrie Hope Fletcher as his wife Bess, and X Factor’s Shayne Ward and Joseph Whelan as the Artilleryman and Voice of Humanity respectively.

Wells also features in this final tour, ‘appearing’ in three scenes, aged 33, 53 and 79 – spanning the end of the 19th century and two world wars.

Then there’s a new face too as the hologram, a role originally played by the late Richard Burton.

“Even the hologram is Liam Neeson!” Brian laughs. “You don’t want to mess it up in front of him.”

Conductor and composer Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds has its origins in a double album first released in 1978, going on to sell more than 15 million records and topping the charts in 11 countries as well as spawning two hit singles including Forever Autumn.

The first arena tour took place in 2006, with Justin Hayward reprising his original role as the Sung Thoughts of the Journalist, who gets to perform the song. Brian steps into his shoes – and those of Marti Pellow who played the role on tour two years ago.

“Forever Autumn is an incredible song,” says Brian, “it’s one of my favourites. I’ve never seen the show live, only on DVD, but I’ve heard the song on the radio before of course because it’s been released by a few people. So I’m really delighted to be singing that song.”

There won’t, however, be much chance to put his own stamp on it.

“This is Jeff’s baby,” points out the 34-year-old. “Normally when you sing a song you can put your own spin on it.

“But these are iconic songs, and you have to keep them true to how they’ve been in the musical for the past however many years.

“A lot of the die-hard fans might lose their temper if I change it!”

It’s all a far cry from the control that comes with being part of one of the most successful boy bands of all time, as well as running your own solo career.

Perhaps it could be a new direction for the dad-of-two (and former Mr Kerry Katona of course) who has also started to forge a presenting career alongside his musical one.

It would certainly be a nod back to the young Brian’s time as member of Ireland’s most famous stage school, which celebrates its half-century this year. “I don’t know,” he says doubtfully. “This is a one-off for me. I’ve just got to see how it goes, and see if I enjoy it.

“It’s definitely not the jazz hands part of the musicals’ business!”

That’s true. No one has attempted to make a jazz hands version of H G Wells’ apocalyptic vision.

“It’s pretty much the original science fiction story,” Brian adds. “And the genre hasn’t really changed that much, has it?”

Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds is at the ECHO arena on November 28.

Source: Echo

Nov 7, 2014

Former Westlife singer Brian McFadden has rubbished rumours that the boy band are planning a reunion tour.

The band experienced incredible global success with 50 million album sales worldwide and 14 UK number ones before they disbanded in 2012.

Brian left the band in 2004 to pursue a solo career.

“If there ever was a Westlife reunion, it doesn’t mean I’m going to be involved because don’t forget they were together as a four piece longer than I was in the band,” Brian told the Herald. “None of us have ever spoken about it or talked about it but I would never rule out doing something with them,” he continued.

“It’s not even close to being on the cards, we’re all doing so many different things in our careers and it hasn’t even been spoken about. “Other people have been talking about it but none of us have,” he added.

Brian (34) also revealed that reading Shane Filan’s book brought up memories of his time in Westlife. “I couldn’t believe how nice he was to me in it,” he revealed.

“When I read the book, it brought back so many memories for me. “I’d like to read all five members’ books and put it all together because Shane’s book brought stories that I had completely forgotten about,” he added.

Source: independent.ie

Oct 26, 2014

Brian McFadden has been announced as the male co-host to join Karen Koster presenting The Christmas Toy Show on TV3.

Former X Factor and Eurovision entrants Jedward will be joining the former Westlife star and Xpose host for the 90-minute show which will be broadcast live from the RDS on Friday November 21 from 8pm.

McFadden is no stranger to presenting having tackled ITV show Who’s Doing the Dishes, and Channel 5’s Stand By Your Man as well as his stint on Australia’s Got Talent.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for me. I’ve worked on a lot of great shows in the UK but it’s great to come home and host a show that I know will be a great production,” he said.

“When TV3 approached me I just thought the Christmas Toy Show was right up my alley and something I could bring a lot of energy to and have a lot of fun in the process.”

Karen added, “I am actually due the baby around Christmas Day so this Christmas is extra special, and what better way to get all Christmassy than by hosting what is essentially 90 minutes of acting like you are 8-years-old all over again!”

The TV3 show will broadcast a week before RTE’s Late Late Toy Show, hosted by Ryan Tubridy.

TV3 presenter Alan Hughes recently expressed his disappointment at not being considered for the show.

“Of course it’s disappointing and it’s hurtful, especially as last year’s show was so successful,” he told the Herald.

Last year, Alan fronted a 30-minute toy show from Tattersalls Winter Wonderland which aired an hour and a half before the 2013 Late Late Toy Show. The show was a huge success with over 350,000 viewers.

“The show was so successful last year, even the repeat had over 400,000 viewers and it was the biggest home-produced show last year,” Alan said.

“The only show that beat us in the ratings was Coronation Street or something like that and we were looking to go bigger and better with it this year so it is disappointing not to have been chosen,” he continued.

Source: independent.ie

Oct 23, 2014

Brian and Vogue will be on new channel ITVbe with a brand new series Seven Days With… You can catch their episode, episode 3 on Monday 27th October at 10pm.

Seven Days With…is a brand new reality series that spends a week behind closed doors with your favorite celebrity couples. From showbiz glitz, to the humdrum of daily life; it’s a unique insight into the lives of some of our best loved twosomes in the public eye and tells the real stories behind the glamour

Oct 14, 2014

Brian 13-year-old daughter Molly has recorded a song for her mum’s, Kerry Katona 34th birthday.

Proud mum Kerry uploaded a video of her eldest daughter singing and playing the ukulele onto her YouTube account.

source: parentdish.co.uk

Check the song out below:

Sep 22, 2014

We will be adding screen grabs from the first season of the amazing “Who’s Doing the Dishes” hosted by Brian. (Sorry for the delay)

So far, here is Episode 1 featuring Mr Louis Walsh!

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Sep 18, 2014

As you probably know, Brian is hosting a new daytime ITV show, “Who’s Doing The Dishes?”

There is great celebrities cooks for this series which include: Louis Walsh, Claire Richards, Amy Childs, Jo Wood, Tina Malone, Wes Brown, Dane Bowers, Alison Hammond, Toyah Wilcox, Sian Lloyd, Vincent Simone, Cheryl Baker, Martin Offiah, Michelle Heaton, Gillian McKeith and Jo McElderry.

The premiere is TODAY, September 1st at 4pm and will continue to show at the same time on weekdays on Freeview channel 3 and Sky 103.

Sep 1, 2014

Former Westlife singer Brian McFadden is unleashing his inner Keith Lemon for ITV’s new Through the Keyhole-style daytime show, Who’s Doing The Dishes?, which screens weekdays from Monday, September 1 at 4pm. The series asks four members of the public to guess which celebrity’s house they’re having a meal in that day. TV Times caught up with Brian to find out more…

It takes a brave celebrity to agree to cook for strangers – much less allow them to snoop around their house!
“I know, they were fabulous sports and really game for a laugh. They have to cook a starter, main and dessert for the guests and in between each course the diners can snoop around their house, looking for clues of whose house it is. Of course we’ve hidden revealing photos!”

How nervous are the stars about cooking?
“They start off in the kitchen pretending they don’t really care, but as soon as the first dish is out they get competitive and want the guests to like it. It does not go down well when the diners start criticising. Louis Walsh kicks off the first week and they said his food was ‘disgusting’! They didn’t realise he was watching them in the kitchen. To be fair, they were right though.”

Is Louis that bad a cook?
“Worse. I was shocked by how awful he is. He never does it. He cooked a fish and chips starter to throw them off his Irish scent and the chips were like rocks. You could chip a tooth on them. I nearly vomited watching him make a ‘marinade’ for chicken wings – he just poured ketchup, mustard and water over them. The diners refused to eat it. Just horrendous.”

Did they guess it was Louis?
“They did at one point, after various clues, but then they talked themselves out of it! That often happens. One diner thought it was Heston Blumenthal – as if he’d serve up that muck!”

What happens if the diners guess right?
“A cash prize goes into a collective pot for them to share at the end of the week. But if they lose, they have to do the dishes and clean the celeb’s messy kitchen. We had two diners refuse to do it. They had guessed correctly but been over-ruled by the other two in the group, so they made them do the dishes!”

Which stars were the most fun?
“Louis Walsh, as a day hanging out with him is always fun. Strictly’s Vincent Simone was a giggle too – although he’s so naughty we can’t use half the stuff he said. Sunderland defender Wes Brown was good as I got to hang around a footballer and his swanky house all day; and I enjoyed watching Jo Wood cook, as she had fantastic stories from her Rolling Stones days.

“The best food came from Steps singer Clare Richards: she did an amazing Thai green curry. Geoff Capes was perhaps the least successful. He’s obviously a competitive man so took the whole thing a bit too seriously. The diners didn’t like his furniture or food and he did not take criticism well! You really don’t want to be having a go at the World’s Strongest Man when he’s listening to it in the kitchen!”

Post Westlife, your TV career really seems to be taking off…
“It’s not really a career, I never thought about doing telly. I did a bit when I lived in Australia, and when I came back to the UK I was asked to present some guest spots on Daybreak. I thought it’d be a nice way to show my face on UK TV again and really enjoyed it. It gets me out of my comfort zone. I’m not nervous singing on stage any more, whereas TV gets the nerves and adrenalin flowing again, which I like. I’m still doing music. I’m just having a six-month break to enjoy TV.”

You’re fronting a cooking show so we’ve got to ask, Brian, what are your culinary skills like?
“Rubbish. I can do beans on toast or egg on toast. That’s it. Filming this series has actually put me off wanting to cook – too much preparation!”

Finally, who does the dishes in your house?
“The dishwasher. I’m not a Marigolds man. I tell my wife [Irish model Vogue Williams] she should wear the gloves but, as you can imagine, that doesn’t go down too well!”

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Aug 27, 2014

We are still working on the gallery, be we are getting there… slowly – we have now fixed the gallery so you can save the files as well as changing the setting so you don’t need to sign in.

Aug 11, 2014

Brian McFadden has revealed that his daughter loves being part of a large family.

The former Westlife star has daughters Mollie and Lily-Sue with his ex-wife Kerry Katona. Kerry also has three other children, Heidi and Max from her marriage to Mark Croft and baby Dylan-Jorge with boyfriend George Kay.

Brian said: “They are [excited to have another baby around]. Kerry’s got a big brood already and the girls do like having a big family. There’s always excitement in that house!”

He added: “Molly’s the big sister as well, so she always has that protective thing, so she’s happy to have another little baby around.”

The singer admitted that he would like to have a baby with his wife Vogue Williams. He said: “I think maybe three is enough for me. Maybe a boy. It’s not something we want right now; we’re both so busy.”

Source: STV

Aug 10, 2014