We’re Back!

It’s been a while and we are sorry for our absence off the internet and lack of Brian news. As you can see our site is a little bit bare, so please bear with us as we are having to build the whole site up again from the very very beginning which sucks i know but it’s a fresh start i suppose.

For those who are wondering what happened here’s a little info on the situation, our old hosts wasn’t the best and kept crashing the site every time i did anything so i decided to move it and after i got accepted by the lovely Fan Sites Network to be hosted, the suddenly our old ones became very odd and blocked us from using the site, editing and access despite me actually owning the name to the site. After months and i mean months, its been at least 3 months of trying to get the site back from a back up i did a week before our old host’s became difficult, i have been unable to get the old site back which is over 6 years worth of content but don’t worry – i have all images saved for the gallery and will get to adding those in the coming month so keep your eyes on there but as for news it’s all gone but hey, at least it’s old news.

Time to look forward to the future and what Brian has to bring for us, thats the most important thing!!!

Written by admin