Jan 31st, 2017

To celebrate the success of each of their chart-topping bands, Brian (Westlife) and Keith (Boyzone) have created Boyzlife and are taking part in another nationwide tour.

The intimate gigs will be taking place at Hilton Hotels up and down the country and are bound to be popular amongst die-hard fans. But when are they touring and how much are tickets? Here’s what you need to know…

The UK and Ireland dates announced are as follows:

Sunday April 2 – Hilton Glasgow
Monday April 3 – Hilton Glasgow
Tuesday April 4 – Hilton Belfast
Wednesday April 5 – Hilton Belfast
Monday April 10 – Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tuesday April 11 – Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Thursday April 13 – Hilton Manchester Deansgate
Saturday April 15 – Hilton Birmingham Metropole
Sunday April 16 – Hilton Birmingham Metropole
Monday April 17 – Hilton Liverpool
Tuesday April 18 – Hilton Liverpool
Sunday April 30 – Hilton Brighton Metropole
Monday May 1 – Hilton Brighton Metropole
Tuesday May 2 – Hilton London Bankside
Wednesday May 3 – Hilton London Bankside

Tickets for the tour are on sale now and start at £35. There are two VIP packages available for each show – the Boyzlife VIP Package and the Boyzlife VVIP Package.

Tickets for each show are split into four categories: Category A, Category B, VIP Package and VVIP Package. Category B tickets are the furthest from the stage and cost £35. Category A tickets are behind the VIP seats and cost £45.

The Boyzlife VIP Package costs £75 and includes the following:

Premium seating
Private meet and greet with Boyzlife straight after the show (limited to one hour)
Photo opportunity at the private meet and greet
Signed exclusive tour merchandise item
The Boyzlife VVIP Package costs £200 and includes the following:

Soundcheck attendance
Boyzlife goody bag
Reserved seating in VIP
Drinks service at interval – brought to the seats
Queue jump for ticketing and VIP meet and greet
Dinner at venue

They are on sale at boyzlifetour.com. [Source]

Jan 24th, 2017

Dec 6th, 2016

BRIAN McFadden and Keith Duffy joked they created their Boyzlife duo because they were BROKE – and Brian had too many ex wives to pay for.

The cheeky Irish pair, who were previously adored by fans of separate groups Boyzone and Westlife, made their revelation on today’s Good Morning Britain.

When asked why they created the man band by hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, former Boyzone star Keith said: “We were broke!

“Brian has too many wives.”

His quip about Brian’s former spouses Kerry Katona and Vogue Williams didn’t seem to offend the Westlife singer.

He was quick to set the record straight and said: “We got offered to do books all the time but we never wanted to do it.

“When Keith tells a story he talks it out and we wanted to do a show talking of our story and acting it out.”

He added: “We have quite similar lives as well.”

They joined forces for their new project earlier this year, sharing stories from their time on the road as well as singing some of their respective band’s biggest hits, including No Matter What and Flying Without Wings.

Today Piers grilled them as to how they chose the name Boyzlife – instead of plumping for Westzone.

Brian laughed and said: “It’s because Westzone is a car park outside Dublin Airport.

“It’s also something you use to clean your toilet,” to which Keith replied: “That’s Paragon!”

Source: The Sun

Sep 7th, 2015

Irish star Brian McFadden returns to TV screens on Monday for the second series of Who’s Doing The Dishes? and he tells This Morning he is having a “hoot” snooping around celebrity homes.

The former Westlife star presents the daytime show where members of the public are treated to the culinary skills of the rich and famous.

Brian explained to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: “We bring them into the house, they don’t know whose house it is and I’m in the kitchen with the celebrity.

“They cook three meals and then we have clues in the names of the dishes and they’ve got to guess whose house it is.

“It’s actually quite a big deal, you would be surprised how scared people are of actually doing the dishes. It’s a hoot.”

Asked what the standard of food on offer was like, Brian replied: “Some of them are good, but then you’ve got people like Arg from TOWIE – not the finest cook we’ve ever worked with…

“Ann Widdecombe was a very traditional cook, she kept putting me on the naughty step! She kept correcting my English, she kept shouting at me, slapping me. But I just kept flirting with her all day, I loved it.

“I have so much fun doing it – it’s so funny that this is a job because I get to go to all these people’s houses and I get to spend the whole day just talking to them and learning about them.

“And watching them try to cook!”

But despite spending long hours in the kitchen, the singer admitted he is not the best at cooking for himself.

He said: “I’m rubbish. We’ve done about 60 episodes of this now where I’ve watched all these amazing people cooking food, and the only thing I’ve actually learned is how to make a prawn cocktail.”

As well as his presenting duties, Brian is also concentrating on his music having just released his latest single Call On Me Brother – a tribute to the male friends in his life.

Brian – who recently separated from his wife, Vogue Williams – explained: “No matter what I go through, my boy mates have always been there for me. Whether it is ups or downs they have always been there.

“This is me kind of thanking them for that and also reminding them that I’m also there for them if they ever need me.”

Source: UTV

Sep 3rd, 2015

Irish singer Brian McFadden “flirted” with Ann Widdecombe while filming ‘Who’s Doing The Dishes?’.

The 35-year-old star had a particularly “funny” day shooting the cooking game show – where contestants try to guess whose house they are dining in – with the former politician, despite her continually rebuffing his advances.

He said: “My favourite place was Ann Widdecombe’s home because it was such a funny day.

“She spent most of the day correcting my English and I spent most of the time flirting with her.

“I was asking her if she’d read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, which she hasn’t, and she kept telling me to go to the corner and be quiet.”

Brian was also amused when filming with transgender former boxer Kellie Maloney.

He said: “Kellie was great fun. She was chopping cucumbers going: ‘Oooh, this feels familiar!’ I was like: ‘Did she just say that?’ ”

However, the former Westlife singer didn’t have the best time filming with ‘X Factor’ couple Stevi Ritchie and Chloe-Jasmine Whichello.

He told Closer magazine: “It’s weird doing two people and for most of filming they were arguing.

“Chloe wasn’t impressed with my Brian’s Bonus [extra clue] as she felt it was too obvious. At the end I went to give her a hug and she was like: ‘No.’ Awkward.”

Source: Irishexaminer

Sep 3rd, 2015

He’s been engaged three times, got married twice, and so far it’s never worked out. Maybe this is because until Brian McFadden left home his Irish mammy did everything for him. He never cleans, he can’t cook (despite fronting a TV food show) and until recently he had no idea how to do the washing.

Now he’s about to divorce wife No 2, and though it seems to be amicable, the first time this far-from-new-man actually missed living with model and reality star Vogue Williams was when he couldn’t work the washing machine.

“I’m not self sufficient,” explains 35-year-old Brian, who first found fame with boyband Westlife when he was 17. “I’m f***ing useless,” he adds.

“When Vogue first left I had to figure out how to use a washing machine. That was funny. It wasn’t that funny actually. I wrecked some of the clothes. I didn’t understand the difference between the materials so I was just throwing lots of stuff in. Stuff came out looking different shapes. But I called Vogue and she talked me through it. I have a cleaner now – Vogue never wanted a cleaner. She had a passion for it, but I certainly don’t.”

When I meet Brian he is sweaty and breathless after training with Mike Tindall and Louis Spence for today’s Rugby Aid 2015 at Harlequins’ Twickenham Stoop stadium.

After a shower he’s back sitting next to me 10 minutes later. “See, ladies can take a leaf out of my book. That’s the quickest turn around in history,” he chuckles. He may not be able to wash his underpants, but at least Bri can wash himself.

“My mum did everything until I was 17,” he says.

“And everybody else did it for me when I was with the band, I lived in hotels until I was 26. Then I always had cleaners. I was always on the road.”

For most of the 21st century he’s been too busy buying rings to learn a few practical skills. Brian was 21 when he wed former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona in a lavish 2002 wedding. The couple have two daughters, Molly, now 13, and Lilly-Sue, 12, but split after only two years. Next came an engagement ring for Aussie singer and actress Delta Goodrem, but they parted in April 2011.

Brian met and married Vogue in a whirlwind 16 months, but in July this year he announced on Twitter that their marriage was over. “Both of us are fine,” he tells me.

“People don’t understand… it was an amicable split-up and we are still best friends. She stays at my house a couple of times a week. We still have a dog together and she still takes my kids out. We are genuinely best friends – that is a part of the relationship that never changes. People are always asking, What was the reason?’ There is no reason. Me and her just decided that’s where we were in our lives.”

“People ask ‘Did you meet someone else?’ or ‘Did you fall out of love?’ It’s nothing to do with any of that. It’s just something that happened to the two of us. We made the decision together. We both knew for a long time that was coming to an end.”

“It is still really, really sad, but what’s made it easier is that we are still talking.

“I’ve been through a lot of different break-ups in my life and this one is even strange to me because it is honest. It’s the best break up I’ve ever had, the easiest one in history. The worst thing would be losing Vogue as a friend.”

Brian vows he will never marry again. Mind you, he said that after his split with Kerry. And after breaking up with Delta. But he insists: “I’ve a very strong feeling now that I’ll probably never get married again.

“This is the first time in my life I’ve ever been through a relationship, come out of it and gone, ‘You’re not a kid any more – you might have missed the boat,’ ” he says.

“Now that I’m not married I’m getting an opportunity to do different things, maybe travel or go to LA and pursue a career in acting.

“That would be great. Do something weird and climb Mount Everest. If you were married you couldn’t do that.

“It’s not about soul-searching. I don’t believe in that rubbish, it’s about having fun and trying something new.”

One of his mates has already moved in to his London home (maybe he helps with the washing) and Brian is so grateful to his loyal old pals he’s written a song for them. Call On Me Brother is the first single from his new album.

“It’s a song about my male friends,” he says. “Through all the s*** they’ve always been there. My friend from Dublin is living with me now.”

Brian has also been helping his ex Kerry get through her marriage crisis with husband George Kay. “They’ve got their own thing going on and they are back together now,” he says. “The kids are happy and that is all that matters.”

Keeping Molly and Lilly-Sue happy also involves making sure that they avoid guys like, well… him. He says the thought of his daughters going out with a boybander horrifies him. Brian declares: “God help boys when they come knocking at my door. That puts me in a bad mood. “I was a boy and I know what I was like. I would never let them go out with a guy in a pop group.

“That is never happening, no f***ing way. That’s disgusting, the thought of that. I’m keeping them locked away.”

He’s back on ITV on Monday afternoon presenting a second series of Who’s Doing The Dishes? Four contestants have to guess which celebrity’s house they are dining in each day. “You’d think after being on the cooking show and working with all these top chefs like Aldo Zilli and Antony Worrall Thompson I would have learnt something but I haven’t,” he confesses.

“I still can’t cook, I’m the worst cook on the planet. The only thing I have learnt is how to make a prawn cocktail. “It’s prawns, ketchup and mayonnaise. That’s all it is.”

By the end of our chat, Brian seems to lamenting that his soon-to-be ex-wife will no longer be knocking up his meals in the kitchen. “Out of my partners, Vogue is the best cook,” he says. “She’s a great cook. She makes home-made burgers, a great chilli, a really great salad.

“It’s our anniversary today and I’ve already spoken to her this morning. But I’m OK.” Maybe Brian should save this article in case it turns out that there is a next Mrs McFadden. Just so she knows exactly what she’s letting herself in for…

Source: Mirror

Sep 2nd, 2015

Brian McFadden is making a back with a new single ‘Call on Me Brother’, to coincide with the release, Brian will be performing two gigs in London and Dublin this November.

November 3rd at Bush Hall, London

November 4th at Whelan’s, Dublin

Tickets are on sale from Friday September 4th, here.

Jul 7th, 2015

Brian McFadden and his wife Vogue Williams have split up, with the DJ announcing the heartbreaking news on Twitter.

The former Westlife star and Vogue had been married for nearly three years after tying the knot in a lavish Tuscan ceremony.

Sharing the news on her Twitter page, Vogue shared a heartbreak emoji along with the post: “It is with sadness that Brian and I have made the tough decision to go our separate ways.

“We will always care greatly about each other, remain friends and wish each other all the very best for the future.” She continued: “We have nothing else to say on the subject and we would like to thank our friends and family for their support during this difficult period. Vogue x”.

In April this year, singer Brian called Vogue his “soulmate” and described how it had been “love at first sight” between the couple.

“We instantly clicked and talked non-stop for eight hours the night we met and I proposed after eight months,” he told The Belfast Telegraph.future.”

“Within three weeks she moved to Australia to be with me. Although it was a whirlwind romance, it was just so right from the beginning, so we knew it would work.”

He continued: “Meeting her was a life changer for me – she’s my soulmate.

“Getting married hasn’t changed anything – it was perfect anyway – but it has made us both feel quite grown-up. We like nothing better than just staying in and spending time together as a couple when we’re not working.

“You can be in love with someone but if you can’t be friends with them, it’s kind of pointless. We make each other laugh, especially after we’ve had a silly row about something!”

Last year, the TV presenter and model revealed how she learnt the realities of married life.

In an interview with HELLO! Online she said: “It is all about compromise. I will do most of the housework but he takes care of going to the shops, giving me lifts or picking people up.”

Vogue, who became a stepmother to Brian’s children Molly and Lily-Sue from his previous marriage to Kerry Katona, described how she had a strong bond with them but wasn’t ready for her own.

“I thought that I was going to have kids by the time that I was 30. I even had a pact with my friends that we would all get pregnant at the same time,” she said.

“Work is going so well for me at the moment that I don’t want to rush it. Maybe in a few years time.”

Source: Mirror

Mar 18th, 2015

Who’s Doing the Dishes? has been recommissioned for a second series.

The ITV cooking game show hosted by Brian McFadden will return for another 30-episode run later this year, ITV Daytime has announced.

Who’s Doing the Dishes? involves four diners trying to guess which celebrity’s house they are in each day for a week, with clues given throughout the meal.

The celebrity watches from a monitor in the kitchen, and must wash the dishes if the diners correctly guess their identity.

ITV Studios Entertainment executive producer Katie Rawcliffe said: “We are delighted Who’s Doing the Dishes? has been commissioned by Helen Warner and her team, and that it has become a returnable brand for ITV Studios.

“But most importantly, we are looking forward to Brian McFadden stirring up a feast of delights in more celebrity homes, as the diners guess who is cooking their dinner.”

Source: Digital Spy

Nov 27th, 2014

Brian McFadden is thrilled at the thought of getting the chance to work with his fellow Irish man actor Liam Neeson, even if the latter is only present as a hologram.

Brian, 34, plays the singing voice of the journalist, portrayed by Neeson, in the stage extravaganza that is Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds.

“Liam Neeson and me. That is not bad,” says Brian. “I’ll take that company

“He is brilliant. I have loved him ever since he did Michael Collins. He is just an incredible actor

“And in Taken I think the whole world got kind of a new school action hero.”

Although Brian doesn’t get to act with Liam in the flesh, he says he will be looking for opportunities for some off-script interaction.

“We can have some serious fun with that hologram. I’m going to try and make some videos of me talking to it. Find out what lines he has got to say and then ask a question that will make his answer seem really weird. Just me havin’ a chat with old Liam.”

This is the final tour of the War of the Worlds, the musical experience based on HG Wells’ story of monstrous martians who invade earth and threaten to destroy civilization. The story is narrated by the journalist. Jeff Wayne originally devised it as a concept album which was released in 1978.

This production also stars Jason Donovan and former X Factor winner Shayne Ward.

The show features remarkable special effects, including a 3-tonne 35ft tall Martian Fighting Machine firing real flames into the arena, a 100ft wide animation wall and a ground-breaking levitation effect.

Having not done musicals or pantos before, this will be the first time Brian has worked as part of an acting ensemble and he says he will have to get used to the discipline.

“Obviously doing my own tours and my own show I could change as we went along, do wherever I wanted. The same as in Westlife

“But here I can’t just do my own thing, I have to have it exactly the way it is supposed to be.

“I don’t have to act in this but I would like to do acting maybe one day, to see if I could do it. I suppose this is a good starting step.

“I am just honoured to be part of the last War of the Worlds.”

Even though the scale of the production means it has to be staged in arenas, Brian says he is not intimidated by large venue spaces since his days as a boyband star with Westlife, which he auditioned for when he was only a teenager.

“We are pretty much playing all the venues that I did with Westlife. It’ll nice to be some old places again.

“You never know, there might still be some screaming. Some of those War of the Worlds fans are like One Direction fans, they are crazy about it.”

Another thing he is looking forward to when the show comes to the LG Arena on December 5, will be the chance to get in some golfing – if his schedule and the weather allows.

“I have played Birmingham with my own show and I toured with Ronan Keating last year.

“I love Birmingham. It is a great place and one of my favourite golf courses is The Belfry, I have always loved the atmosphere and the history.

“I am a big, big golfer. I have been playing it my whole life. My handicap is 11 but I am trying to get it into single figures.

“Luckily enough for me, my wife Vogue’s parents live on the golf course.

“She likes golf as well, actually. Her whole family plays golf so she doesn’t really have a choice.”

He married Vogue, a DJ and model who also comes from Ireland, two years ago.

This year they moved back there from Australia, where Brian has been based for a number of years since starting a relationship with the singer and actress Delta Goodrem and working as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent.

He admits he had wanted to come back for a long time as he was missing his two daughters, Molly and Lily-Sue, from his first marriage to Kerry Katona.

“I was so far away I didn’t get to see them as much as I’d like, I could only see them when they were on holiday and had more than a week off. I had wanted to come back for a long time but I had (work) commitments. As soon as I was a free agent, I was out of there.”

Since returning he has been busy presenting shows for and a dating show for Channel Five and a cooking game show for ITV.

Brian is hoping to release another solo album. “I have got a lot of songs I have been writing. I have been kind of taking my time on it. I like to write songs that are true, very much what’s happening in my life, not fictional songs.

“The first album (Irish Son), I was in a very different place, it’s quite a dark album. This will definitely be more positive.”

Source: Birmingham Post

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