Brian McFadden has blasted the Catholic tradition of ‘marrying for life’ and says that he doesn’t regret the fact that neither of his marriages have worked out.

His comments come just months after he and his wife Vogue Williams announced their separation after three years of marriage. He was married to former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona from 2002 until 2004.

“Irish people are used to meeting someone, marrying and spending the next forty years hating each other.

“We’re not in that world anymore,” he told the Irish Daily Mirror.

The 35-year-old is set to release his new single Call On Me Brother on Friday. “If people break up they break up and it’s not as big a deal as people make it out to be. Two people can break up and be happy and move on but still have a friendship. It doesn’t have to be some world war where people start fighting and hating each other,” he said.

Meanwhile Vogue Williams is set to turn 30 next week and Brian said he will be on hand to help her celebrate her big day.

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Former Westlife star Brian McFadden exclusively revealed to TEN he is no longer living with his ex-wife, Irish model Vogue Williams.

The couple, who announced their split in July via social media, raised eyebrows when they continued to share their London home following their public break-up.

McFadden, who tied the knot with 29-year-old Williams in Italy in September 2012, told TEN that they are no longer living together and said he isn’t bothered with his personal life being discussed in public.

“I had it most of my life so it’s not more difficult than it was before. We don’t live together. I live in London and Vogue pretty much lives here [Dublin] and she is in America at the moment,” he added.

DJ and model Vogue previously said: “My family find it strange but we’ve only just broken up and I haven’t found somewhere else to live.

“I’m sure there will be a time when we’re not in contact as much as we are now, but until I find somewhere else we’re going to be in each other’s lives.”

McFadden told Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show that he is still on good terms with his former partner.

“I’m doing ok. We are both happy which is the most important thing. We’re still good friends and we’re battling through it,” he said.

“I don’t think either of us would be as happy as we are now and get through it if we didn’t have that [friendship]. Our friendship is the most important thing that we ever had. We were best friends and we still have it. I think that’s why we are probably finding it a lot easier than other people would.”

The singer also spoke to TEN about Simon Cowell’s X Factor shake-up saying it was “selfish” and that getting rid of Louis [Walsh] was a big mistake.

“I think The X Factor is beyond help now. I think getting rid of Dermot [O’Leary] was a huge mistake and getting rid of Louis [Walsh] was a mistake. If Simon [Cowell] wants to change the show he needs to do it gradually. X Factor has been a huge part of some people’s lives for the last twelve years or whatever it is,” he said.

“I think it is selfish to just change everything. I think he needs to remember that there are things about it that people love.

“Maybe gradually changing a judge every year is fine but getting rid of Louis, Dermot and the guy who does the voiceover. There are just too many changes,” McFadden added.

Asked whether he could sway Shane Filan into having a Westlife reunion, the 35-year-old singer, who is currently promoting his new single Call On Me Brother, said: “There’s no talk of a reunion. Everyone else is talking about it but not us. The five of us never spoke about it and I’ve never had a conversation with anyone from Westlife about getting back together.

“I don’t know why the rumours are rife now – maybe it’s because it’s been so long since we’ve broken up. But we’re certainly not talking about it,” he said.

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Brian McFadden has admitted that he wishes he had been wiser in the younger days of his career and not walked away from Westlife so easily.

The star grew weary of the constant touring and promotion that was part and parcel of being in one of the UK’s biggest boybands of the 90s and 00s and he walked away from his bandmates, leaving Westlife’s lineup just before their world tour in 2004.

Westlife went on to split in 2012, as their popularity waned and in an interview with 2FM, Brian admitted that he wishes he and his bandmates had taken a leaf from 1D’s book and had a break from one another when things got too much to bear.

The star is close pals with 1D member Niall Horan and so has a unique insight into the situation and he thinks the X Factor stars have made exactly the right call when they decided to take a hiatus in March of next year to spend time with friends, family and pursue solo projects.

McFadden said: “I think One Direction’s hiatus is brilliant – go explore things on their own, enjoy the solo life, then get back together. Maybe if we [Westlife] had done that, I would have stayed in the band a bit longer. I think it’s a really good idea, they’re gonna realise how amazing it’s been for them.”

“It didn’t work out like that for us but I think it’ll make the band last a lot longer than if they just carried on and on and they probably will get back together. It’ll be much easier because they haven’t broken up,” he added.

One Direction will split after the release of their fifth studio album, though Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have insisted that it is not a permanent break up and that they will reunite after some down time.

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Brian McFadden and his wife Vogue Williams have split up, with the DJ announcing the heartbreaking news on Twitter.

The former Westlife star and Vogue had been married for nearly three years after tying the knot in a lavish Tuscan ceremony.

Sharing the news on her Twitter page, Vogue shared a heartbreak emoji along with the post: “It is with sadness that Brian and I have made the tough decision to go our separate ways.

“We will always care greatly about each other, remain friends and wish each other all the very best for the future.” She continued: “We have nothing else to say on the subject and we would like to thank our friends and family for their support during this difficult period. Vogue x”.

In April this year, singer Brian called Vogue his “soulmate” and described how it had been “love at first sight” between the couple.

“We instantly clicked and talked non-stop for eight hours the night we met and I proposed after eight months,” he told The Belfast Telegraph.future.”

“Within three weeks she moved to Australia to be with me. Although it was a whirlwind romance, it was just so right from the beginning, so we knew it would work.”

He continued: “Meeting her was a life changer for me – she’s my soulmate.

“Getting married hasn’t changed anything – it was perfect anyway – but it has made us both feel quite grown-up. We like nothing better than just staying in and spending time together as a couple when we’re not working.

“You can be in love with someone but if you can’t be friends with them, it’s kind of pointless. We make each other laugh, especially after we’ve had a silly row about something!”

Last year, the TV presenter and model revealed how she learnt the realities of married life.

In an interview with HELLO! Online she said: “It is all about compromise. I will do most of the housework but he takes care of going to the shops, giving me lifts or picking people up.”

Vogue, who became a stepmother to Brian’s children Molly and Lily-Sue from his previous marriage to Kerry Katona, described how she had a strong bond with them but wasn’t ready for her own.

“I thought that I was going to have kids by the time that I was 30. I even had a pact with my friends that we would all get pregnant at the same time,” she said.

“Work is going so well for me at the moment that I don’t want to rush it. Maybe in a few years time.”

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Brian McFadden has revealed he has one regret about quitting Westlife. The singer sensationally left the band right before their fourth world tour to spend more time with his family and focus on a solo career.

However, the Dublin native does wonder what would have happened had he stayed with in the group longer.
Sometimes I think if I’d stayed another 10 years, I would have made a lot of money, but that would be the only reason for any regret,” he said.

While Brian wishes he could have made more money with Westlife, he is still glad he left when he did.
“I wanted to launch my solo career but it was more than that,” he said. “Leaving and going to Australia, where Westlife hadn’t been successful, gave me a chance to breathe, take a step back from my world and look at it from the outside.” “I could just walk about unrecognised and start from scratch, and you don’t have that media scrutiny that you have here.”

The father-of-two ultimately decided his family was more important than fame. “After a while, you realise there’s no point in being successful if you can’t enjoy it, share it with someone else or be with the people you care about.”

The pop star also revealed he wishes he hadn’t been so honest about his opinions to the press while he was in Westlife. “I did get bad press…I think I was too honest and open for my own good. I’m certainly a bit more savvy now,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.


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If there was a risky path to happiness, Brian McFadden has certainly trodden it. As a teenager, he shot to fame in one of the biggest-ever boy bands, Westlife, was married with two children by his early twenties, and then sensationally threw it all away to move to the other side of the world, leaving fame and family behind him.

Today it’s hard to equate the image of the man once dubbed the band’s ‘bad boy’ by the media – who had a turbulent marriage to pop star, Atomic Kitten’s Kerry Katona – with the affable 34-year-old Irishman with a dry sense of humour whose life seems to have regained its harmony.

Undoubtedly, at the heart of his contentment is his second wife, DJ and model Vogue Williams (29), whom he married two years ago. “Meeting her was a life changer for me – she’s my soulmate,” he says simply.

“Getting married hasn’t changed anything – it was perfect anyway – but it has made us both feel quite grown-up. We like nothing better than just staying in and spending time together as a couple when we’re not working. You can be in love with someone but if you can’t be friends with them, it’s kind of pointless. We make each other laugh, especially after we’ve had a silly row about something!”

The pair moved back to the UK shortly after their wedding and she was one of the celebrities recently competing in ITV’s Bear Grylls: Mission Survive.

“It was love at first sight when we met. It turned out we were born in the same hospital and grew up five minutes away from one another,” says McFadden, who’d previously been engaged to Neighbours star and singer Delta Goodrem.

“We instantly clicked and talked non-stop for eight hours the night we met and I proposed after eight months. Within three weeks she moved to Australia to be with me. Although it was a whirlwind romance, it was just so right from the beginning, so we knew it would work.”

There was no such certainty when 10 years ago he left Westlife, originally signed by Simon Cowell and managed by Louis Walsh, on the eve of its fourth world tour and emigrated to Australia.

“I wanted to launch my solo career, but it was more than that,” says McFadden, who, while there for eight years, was highly successful releasing his own albums, writing for a portfolio of leading artists, and being a judge on Australia’s Got Talent.

“Leaving and going to Australia, where Westlife hadn’t been successful, gave me a chance to breathe, take a step back from my world and look at it from the outside. I could just walk about unrecognised and start from scratch, and you don’t have that media scrutiny that you have here,” he says.

“I was only 17 when I got signed up for Westlife. One minute, I was a naive teenager serving burgers in McDonald’s and two days later, I was in a music studio and signing a record deal. It was incredible, amazing, but during the seven years in the band, we worked 365 days a year, living on planes, in hotels and out of suitcases, and never being in the same country for two days.

“After a while, you realise there’s no point in being successful if you can’t enjoy it, share it with someone else or be with the people you care about.”

There was also the pressure of living life under the glare of the media spotlight, but McFadden insists that in reality he wasn’t the ‘bad boy’ as portrayed.

“The fame didn’t go to my head at all. None of us actually had egos or got big headed, believe it or not, because we were surrounded by good families who kept us grounded and we were managed well,” he says.

“But I was young and, of course, I made mistakes – who doesn’t in their teens and twenties? At one stage, I did get bad press, but the end of the day, I think I was too honest and open for my own good and would talk about things I probably shouldn’t have. Then it ended up with things being written about me which often weren’t true. But that’s in the past and I’m certainly a bit more savvy now.”

He discounts rumours of a Westlife reunion, saying: “We’re in touch with each other from time to time – there’s no bad blood and we could easily meet up and have a great evening – but we’re not talking about any reunion. We’re all in different places now and have our own lives.”

There’s only a slight regret over his decision to leave the band – which finally split in 2012 – and One Direction’s Zayn Malik would do well to take note: “Sometimes I think if I’d stayed another 10 years, I would have made a lot of money, but that would be the only reason for any regret. Anyway, I left at the time I wanted to leave and wouldn’t change my life now – I have a balance with work and family which I never had before.”

Integral to that feeling of balance is being able to be a hands-on father to his two daughters, Molly (13) and Lilly-Sue (12), from his first marriage. McFadden has a tattoo on his arm, which reads ‘Sometimes life breaks in mysterious ways’, a line from his song ‘Sorry Love Daddy’ which he dedicated to his daughters following his break-up with their mother.

“I was a young dad, only 21, when we had Molly and making my way in the world and taking advantage of the opportunities with the band. It meant I missed out on a lot of their early years as I was touring, although I could provide a nice life for them. But definitely one of the hardest parts of being in Australia was being so very far away from them,” he says.

“We were in touch all the time on Skype, I’d go back to the UK five times a year and they’d come out on holidays, but it’s so much better now. These days, we can get together so easily and regularly. Vogue gets on with them so well and watching them turn into adults is brilliant. I love it that they are smarter than me about so many things, especially computers. They’ve got very strong opinions about my music – which I ignore,” he says with a fond smile.

One of his daughters wants to follow in his footsteps and become a singer, but his fatherly advice has been blunt. “Complete your education before you chase a dream like that.

“Even if you’re the best singer in the world, there’s no guarantee you’ll make it in this business. I’d say it’s 99% luck and 1% talent – it’s like winning the lottery!”

The often-reported rifts and spats between Katona and her ex-husband, it seems, have been consigned to history and McFadden says: “All that rubbish of the past and the disputes during our early twenties have all gone now. We’re both settled and it’s great,” he says.

“The old idea of a normal family only being a mother, father and a couple of kids isn’t the norm any more. Now there’s stepkids and extended families and it all works out.”

He and Vogue hope to have children in a couple of years – “we’re both pretty busy with our careers at the moment, but when the time’s right we’d love a baby” – and he credits her with helping him improve his health and fitness. McFadden is currently working on his new album, due for release in September, and a tour planned for next year. Last year, he presented a 30-part series Who’s Doing The Dishes? for ITV and is in discussions about its return. In January, he took part in a celebrity talent show, Get Your Act Together.

“I’ve had an 18-month-break from music and now feel so refreshed. It’s reignited my passion for it and I can’t wait to get the album out there,” he says.

“TV is another string to my bow which gives me a different buzz. It’s amazing how things work out. Everything you do helps lead you to different places and I couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out.

“I’m a very relaxed person and I never really let anything get to me. I hate confrontation and drama, even though it seems to have followed me at times in my life. But I can’t complain and even if I could change anything I wouldn’t – the good and the bad all help you become the person you are.”

Ex-bandmates in world of their own

Since breaking up in 2011, Brian’s former bandmates in Westlife have gone on to make names for themselves as well …

Nicky Byrne – the band’s oldest member has gone on to enjoy a successful TV presenting career, and was a contestant on hit show Strictly Come Dancing in 2012. His wife Georgina is the daughter of former Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, and they have twin sons, Rocco and Jay, and a daughter, Gia

Kian Egan – his debut album Home was released last year, reaching number 2 on the Irish Singles Chart and number 9 on the UK Albums Chart. He is also one of four coaches on The Voice of Ireland, on which he backed Northern Ireland musician Jim Devine. He has also presented on ITV show This Morning as well as the revamped version of Surprise Surprise, and was crowned King of the Jungle in 2013’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Mark Feehily – in 2005 he hit the headlines after coming out as gay, and in 2011 was shortlisted as one of the top 50 most influential gay people in the UK. He has just launched his own solo career with debut single Love is a Drug

Shane Filan – had a tumultuous few years following the split after declaring himself bankrupt, when the recession hit his numerous property investments. He has since worked hard to get back in the black through solo recording and touring and described his struggles in his autobiography, My Side of Life

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The model and presenter however claims her famous husband Brian McFadden – who she wed in 2012 – definitely wouldn’t have survived until the final of the tough show like her.

Speaking exclusively to the today, the stunning blonde said she thought she was going to win when she first signed up, however her opinion soon changed.

The Irish star admitted: “I don’t think Brian was that surprised [when she entered the show]. He thought it would be something that would suit me but funny that I was going to live in the jungle.”

When asked how the former Westlife crooner would fare in the situation, Vogue said: “He’d be OK, but I don’t think he would make the final. I don’t think he’d be up for being put in really horrible situations… It’s his idea of hell.


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Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams have launched ITV’s Check Your Chaps campaign.

The Westlife star and his wife appeared on today’s (February 2) Lorraine to promote the campaign to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer.

Speaking on the programme, the pair met with individuals that only went to the doctor when prompted by their partner.

Williams admitted that she too would have to persuade McFadden to see a doctor.

She said: “Well, Brian would be like that too. He wouldn’t be pushed to really do much if I didn’t push him to do it. So even with that if he found something he would probably leave it on the long finger [put it off] and I would have to push and push.”

McFadden added: “But I think most men are like that. I know I had a mole on my back and for nearly a year and a half Vogue kept saying, ‘Get it checked, get it checked’, I was like, ‘It’s nothing, it’s just a mole’, and luckily in the end it was nothing.”

He continued: “But with this, what frightened me the most from meeting these boys is that when they found something and went to the doctor eventually, how quick something happened.

“These doctors didn’t wait around, every one of them, probably the most was three days later, that they were in, operated on and treatment started.

“So if you can imagine how important it is for the doctors to get it done quick, it just shows how important it is to get there in the first place.”

McFadden continued: “I always thought – and I think most guys my age are the same – ‘It’s not going to happen to me, I’m 35, I’m still young, it’s old people who get cancer’. [It is] this weird [idea] that boys have.

“Anyone can get it any age, you could be healthy, you don’t have to smoke, drink, it just happens.”

Check Your Chaps will feature on Lorraine all this week, and is supported by Prostate Cancer UK and male cancer charity Orchid.

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Brian McFadden as The Sung Thoughts of the Journalist performs during a dress rehearsal for ‘War of the Worlds’

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Brian McFadden is thrilled at the thought of getting the chance to work with his fellow Irish man actor Liam Neeson, even if the latter is only present as a hologram.

Brian, 34, plays the singing voice of the journalist, portrayed by Neeson, in the stage extravaganza that is Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds.

“Liam Neeson and me. That is not bad,” says Brian. “I’ll take that company

“He is brilliant. I have loved him ever since he did Michael Collins. He is just an incredible actor

“And in Taken I think the whole world got kind of a new school action hero.”

Although Brian doesn’t get to act with Liam in the flesh, he says he will be looking for opportunities for some off-script interaction.

“We can have some serious fun with that hologram. I’m going to try and make some videos of me talking to it. Find out what lines he has got to say and then ask a question that will make his answer seem really weird. Just me havin’ a chat with old Liam.”

This is the final tour of the War of the Worlds, the musical experience based on HG Wells’ story of monstrous martians who invade earth and threaten to destroy civilization. The story is narrated by the journalist. Jeff Wayne originally devised it as a concept album which was released in 1978.

This production also stars Jason Donovan and former X Factor winner Shayne Ward.

The show features remarkable special effects, including a 3-tonne 35ft tall Martian Fighting Machine firing real flames into the arena, a 100ft wide animation wall and a ground-breaking levitation effect.

Having not done musicals or pantos before, this will be the first time Brian has worked as part of an acting ensemble and he says he will have to get used to the discipline.

“Obviously doing my own tours and my own show I could change as we went along, do wherever I wanted. The same as in Westlife

“But here I can’t just do my own thing, I have to have it exactly the way it is supposed to be.

“I don’t have to act in this but I would like to do acting maybe one day, to see if I could do it. I suppose this is a good starting step.

“I am just honoured to be part of the last War of the Worlds.”

Even though the scale of the production means it has to be staged in arenas, Brian says he is not intimidated by large venue spaces since his days as a boyband star with Westlife, which he auditioned for when he was only a teenager.

“We are pretty much playing all the venues that I did with Westlife. It’ll nice to be some old places again.

“You never know, there might still be some screaming. Some of those War of the Worlds fans are like One Direction fans, they are crazy about it.”

Another thing he is looking forward to when the show comes to the LG Arena on December 5, will be the chance to get in some golfing – if his schedule and the weather allows.

“I have played Birmingham with my own show and I toured with Ronan Keating last year.

“I love Birmingham. It is a great place and one of my favourite golf courses is The Belfry, I have always loved the atmosphere and the history.

“I am a big, big golfer. I have been playing it my whole life. My handicap is 11 but I am trying to get it into single figures.

“Luckily enough for me, my wife Vogue’s parents live on the golf course.

“She likes golf as well, actually. Her whole family plays golf so she doesn’t really have a choice.”

He married Vogue, a DJ and model who also comes from Ireland, two years ago.

This year they moved back there from Australia, where Brian has been based for a number of years since starting a relationship with the singer and actress Delta Goodrem and working as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent.

He admits he had wanted to come back for a long time as he was missing his two daughters, Molly and Lily-Sue, from his first marriage to Kerry Katona.

“I was so far away I didn’t get to see them as much as I’d like, I could only see them when they were on holiday and had more than a week off. I had wanted to come back for a long time but I had (work) commitments. As soon as I was a free agent, I was out of there.”

Since returning he has been busy presenting shows for and a dating show for Channel Five and a cooking game show for ITV.

Brian is hoping to release another solo album. “I have got a lot of songs I have been writing. I have been kind of taking my time on it. I like to write songs that are true, very much what’s happening in my life, not fictional songs.

“The first album (Irish Son), I was in a very different place, it’s quite a dark album. This will definitely be more positive.”

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