Brian McFadden admits he’s broody as he gears up for new TV show Stand By Your Man

T might be because Father’s Day is only two weeks away… but former Westlife star Brian McFadden is getting broody.

And the 34-year-old, who is on the cusp of a big British telly career, is also overjoyed that his strained relationship with former wife Kerry Katona seems to be on an even keel – meaning he’ll be able to spend June 15 with their two children, Molly, 12, and Lilly-Sue, 11.

Dubliner Brian is married to Irish model and DJ Vogue Williams and would like to start a family with her – although not just yet because they are both launching new careers.

The singer is about to present dating show Stand By Your Man on Channel 5 and ITV daytime show Who’s Doing the Dishes in the autumn, while Vogue’s modelling career has taken off.

Brian said: “I would like another baby but not right now.

“I don’t think it’s the right time for us to be thinking of having children, especially as Vogue is really kicking off her career.

“The last thing she needs is to take a step back and take a year out to have a baby.

“But we definitely want a baby. It’s on the cards, just not right at this moment.”

Brian’s happy marriage and snowballing television career have also helped his relationship with his children.

There have been difficult times over the past decade.

Kerry, who he married in 2002, separated from in 2004 and divorced in 2006, has often taken shots at him in the press over his parenting but since leaving Westlife, Brian has spent much of his time in Australia.

He was engaged to Australian singer Delta Goodrem but split up with her in 2011 after seven years together.

Now back in London and married to Vogue since September 2012, Brian can see his kids more and Kerry has a new fiance, George Kay, the father of her fifth child.

Brian said: “We are all very happy now and happy for each other. We are in a really good place.

“She’s got a new baby and everything seems to have settled down for all of us, which is great.

“We are a little bit older and wiser than we were.”

He is delighted to be able to see his daughters.

“It’s been great because I’m back in London and we can see each other whenever we want.

“Obviously in Australia, coming back every six or seven weeks and seeing them for a few days wasn’t great.

“The hardest part was only seeing them on the phone because of the time difference.

“I’d wake up in the morning and they’d be going to bed.

“Then when they were getting up, I’d only have a short window before they went to school.

“Now they are older, they’ve got their own phones so we can call whenever we want. It’s perfect now, really good.

“I’ll have a nice Father’s Day this year. It’ll be lovely.”

He also beams with pride at his wife Vogue, admitting “I’m a very lucky boy” and winking before laughing: “It’s the power of the Westlife.”

Maybe being in a boyband has helped his dating but it seems the pair have much in common – including a love of golf.

It’s fair to say Brian is golf daft and
it helps that Vogue’s family also love the sport and often come to ­Scotland to play.

Vogue’s mum and stepdad, who is Scottish, used to have a house in Edinburgh and while they now live in Spain, they are still members of the Archerfield Links club in North Berwick, which is good news for Brian, having played there a few times as well as at The Carrick at Loch Lomond. Brian said: “I love the golfing life and Scotland is great for it. I don’t wander around in a kilt though, it’s usually just plus fours.

“It’s where I do a lot of business now, like they say.

“My manager tries to get me into the office for meetings and I just won’t go so we play together a couple of times a week and get most of our work done on a course.”

It’s been a decade since Brian quit Westlife. He was undoubtedly the most popular member of the group, who dominated the charts with a string of No1s such as Swear It Again, Flying Without Wings and Uptown Girl.

While the rest of Westlife continued to have a successful career, Brian’s early solo promise with his debut Real to Me also going to No1 faltered, although he also had a No3 hit Almost Here, with Delta.

He wrote songs for other artists including Girls Aloud and LeAnn Rimes and continued having hits in Ireland. But in 2008 he began a second career as a television presenter in Australia on Football Superstar and in 2010 as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent. Brian admitted: “I never imagined myself doing television.

“I always thought I’d just do music and I still do it and have two tours at
the end of the year but I’ve stumbled into television.

“It was two Scottish guys who run Fox8 who approached me. They wanted a host who knew something about football as it’s not that big over there. I got the buzz
for it.”

Back in Britain, Brian admitted he never saw himself as a TV host but this year he will present two new shows.

He’s even been linked to being a judge on The X Factor, especially as Simon Cowell chose him to do Australia’s Got Talent. He said: “I was out having a meal with Simon, Louis Walsh and Sinitta. If you speak to Simon, you’re in the mix but we never spoke about it.

“To be honest, being a judge isn’t something I’m looking at right now. What I’d rather have is Dermot O’Leary’s job hosting The X Factor.

“I want to be a hands-on and not sitting there talking.

“That’s the challenge for me now. What I loved in music for so long was that nervous tension in your stomach as you go on stage but I’ve been doing it
for so long and feel so comfortable on stage that I don’t get that nervous energy any more.

“But I’m getting it again doing television when I walk on stage in front of a live audience and have to read an autocue and interview people.

“I get that tingle in my stomach again.”

The first new show is Channel 5’s dating programme Stand By Your Man, which starts on June 13, where in each episode four guys will compete to win a date with one of 40 girls.

There will be various challenges for the lads to do to win the girls’ hearts.

Brian and co-host Laura Jackson will challenge Paddy McGuinness’s ITV dating show Take Me Out and Brian is looking forward to it.

He laughed: “Paddy was quite happy being the new Cilla Black but I’m not sure how he’ll feel if I’m the new Paddy McGuinness. I understand the
comparisons with Take Me Out but our show is aimed at a younger audience.”

Even with his Westlife experience, it must have been hard keeping 40 men-hungry girls in check.

Brian, who claims Vogue won’t be jealous and loves this kind of show, laughed: “I got on great with the girls. I had a laugh watching them dismantle these men.

“The guys would walk on very cocky and arrogant .

“After the girls had finished asking the questions and taking them apart, they were frail children by the end of it.”

Sadly for Brian, there was only one Westlife fan but, despite only being in his early 30s, it seems it’s the mums, not the girls, who remember him in his boyband days.

Brian said: “The girls say, ‘My nan is a big fan’.”

And don’t ask him for tips about dating. Brian claims the only chat-up line he ever had was ‘I’m in a boyband’ and he never dated but instead has gone from relationship to relationship.

He said: “I’m seeing the world I missed out on and I’m glad I did. These poor fellas go through the wringer to get a date.”

This week Brian starts his next TV project, Who’s Doing the Dishes, although it won’t be broadcast until the autumn.

The daytime show will see four diners trying to guess which celebrity’s house they are in and whose food they are eating.

He said: “The celebrity is in the kitchen watching everything that’s going on. It makes for some very awkward viewing.”

A cross between Come Dine With Me and Through the Keyhole, it sounds like it’s going to be a cult hit.

While Brian now has his sights set firmly on a career as a TV presenter, he hasn’t ruled out teaming up with his old Westlife pals, who finally split in 2012, in the distant future.

He said: “They are all concentrating on new careers like me.

“Who knows? Maybe one day there will be five mic stands back on stage. We might do an OAP tour.”

SOURCE: daily record