Brian McFadden reveals his biggest REGRET about quitting Westlife

Brian McFadden has revealed he has one regret about quitting Westlife. The singer sensationally left the band right before their fourth world tour to spend more time with his family and focus on a solo career.

However, the Dublin native does wonder what would have happened had he stayed with in the group longer.
Sometimes I think if I’d stayed another 10 years, I would have made a lot of money, but that would be the only reason for any regret,” he said.

While Brian wishes he could have made more money with Westlife, he is still glad he left when he did.
“I wanted to launch my solo career but it was more than that,” he said. “Leaving and going to Australia, where Westlife hadn’t been successful, gave me a chance to breathe, take a step back from my world and look at it from the outside.” “I could just walk about unrecognised and start from scratch, and you don’t have that media scrutiny that you have here.”

The father-of-two ultimately decided his family was more important than fame. “After a while, you realise there’s no point in being successful if you can’t enjoy it, share it with someone else or be with the people you care about.”

The pop star also revealed he wishes he hadn’t been so honest about his opinions to the press while he was in Westlife. “I did get bad press…I think I was too honest and open for my own good. I’m certainly a bit more savvy now,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.