Brian McFadden wishes he’d copied One Direction

Brian McFadden has admitted that he wishes he had been wiser in the younger days of his career and not walked away from Westlife so easily.

The star grew weary of the constant touring and promotion that was part and parcel of being in one of the UK’s biggest boybands of the 90s and 00s and he walked away from his bandmates, leaving Westlife’s lineup just before their world tour in 2004.

Westlife went on to split in 2012, as their popularity waned and in an interview with 2FM, Brian admitted that he wishes he and his bandmates had taken a leaf from 1D’s book and had a break from one another when things got too much to bear.

The star is close pals with 1D member Niall Horan and so has a unique insight into the situation and he thinks the X Factor stars have made exactly the right call when they decided to take a hiatus in March of next year to spend time with friends, family and pursue solo projects.

McFadden said: “I think One Direction’s hiatus is brilliant – go explore things on their own, enjoy the solo life, then get back together. Maybe if we [Westlife] had done that, I would have stayed in the band a bit longer. I think it’s a really good idea, they’re gonna realise how amazing it’s been for them.”

“It didn’t work out like that for us but I think it’ll make the band last a lot longer than if they just carried on and on and they probably will get back together. It’ll be much easier because they haven’t broken up,” he added.

One Direction will split after the release of their fifth studio album, though Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson have insisted that it is not a permanent break up and that they will reunite after some down time.

Source: UnrealityTV