Brian McFadden: I flirted with Ann Widdecombe

Irish singer Brian McFadden “flirted” with Ann Widdecombe while filming ‘Who’s Doing The Dishes?’.

The 35-year-old star had a particularly “funny” day shooting the cooking game show – where contestants try to guess whose house they are dining in – with the former politician, despite her continually rebuffing his advances.

He said: “My favourite place was Ann Widdecombe’s home because it was such a funny day.

“She spent most of the day correcting my English and I spent most of the time flirting with her.

“I was asking her if she’d read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, which she hasn’t, and she kept telling me to go to the corner and be quiet.”

Brian was also amused when filming with transgender former boxer Kellie Maloney.

He said: “Kellie was great fun. She was chopping cucumbers going: ‘Oooh, this feels familiar!’ I was like: ‘Did she just say that?’ ”

However, the former Westlife singer didn’t have the best time filming with ‘X Factor’ couple Stevi Ritchie and Chloe-Jasmine Whichello.

He told Closer magazine: “It’s weird doing two people and for most of filming they were arguing.

“Chloe wasn’t impressed with my Brian’s Bonus [extra clue] as she felt it was too obvious. At the end I went to give her a hug and she was like: ‘No.’ Awkward.”

Source: Irishexaminer