Brian McFadden has a ‘hoot’ doing the dishes

Irish star Brian McFadden returns to TV screens on Monday for the second series of Who’s Doing The Dishes? and he tells This Morning he is having a “hoot” snooping around celebrity homes.

The former Westlife star presents the daytime show where members of the public are treated to the culinary skills of the rich and famous.

Brian explained to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: “We bring them into the house, they don’t know whose house it is and I’m in the kitchen with the celebrity.

“They cook three meals and then we have clues in the names of the dishes and they’ve got to guess whose house it is.

“It’s actually quite a big deal, you would be surprised how scared people are of actually doing the dishes. It’s a hoot.”

Asked what the standard of food on offer was like, Brian replied: “Some of them are good, but then you’ve got people like Arg from TOWIE – not the finest cook we’ve ever worked with…

“Ann Widdecombe was a very traditional cook, she kept putting me on the naughty step! She kept correcting my English, she kept shouting at me, slapping me. But I just kept flirting with her all day, I loved it.

“I have so much fun doing it – it’s so funny that this is a job because I get to go to all these people’s houses and I get to spend the whole day just talking to them and learning about them.

“And watching them try to cook!”

But despite spending long hours in the kitchen, the singer admitted he is not the best at cooking for himself.

He said: “I’m rubbish. We’ve done about 60 episodes of this now where I’ve watched all these amazing people cooking food, and the only thing I’ve actually learned is how to make a prawn cocktail.”

As well as his presenting duties, Brian is also concentrating on his music having just released his latest single Call On Me Brother – a tribute to the male friends in his life.

Brian – who recently separated from his wife, Vogue Williams – explained: “No matter what I go through, my boy mates have always been there for me. Whether it is ups or downs they have always been there.

“This is me kind of thanking them for that and also reminding them that I’m also there for them if they ever need me.”

Source: UTV