Brian McFadden stars in anti-fur campaign

Irish singer-songwriter Brian McFadden has posed with his pooch Winston for PETA’s latest anti-fur campaign.

“You wouldn’t wear your dog. Please don’t wear any fur,” reads the anti fur farming poster for animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

“Proud to be supporting @PETAUK,” tweeted McFadden with the campaign photo of himself holding his pup.

Other celebrities who have called for a ban on fur farming include American actress Anjelica Huston and Irish actor Cillian Murphy.

“Fur farms are hell on Earth for animals,” said Jason Baker, PETA’s Australian Director of Campaigns.

“Animals dont need to be electrocuted, have their heads bashed in, or even be skinned alive for the sake of coats and collars.

Source: Yahoo