“Where you going?” – Brian McFadden draws laughs by giving out to audience member for leaving

Brian McFadden has never been one to hold in his feelings and he’s proven that again with a hilarious moment that was captured on camera at his Bradford show.

As part of his Boyzlife tour with fellow Dubliner Keith Duffy, Brian McFadden was performing in the Yorkshire city over the weekend. While reciting Westlife’s Flying Without Wings, he was interrupted by one audience member getting out of their seat.

Not one to hold back, McFadden begins questioning the apparently thirsty culprit, saying: “Sorry where are you going? Sit the f*ck down,” with the comment drawing cheers and laughter from the crowd.

Bouncing off the sense of bonhomie, McFadden goes onto say “I told you before the show, go for a piss before the show starts. You don’t need another drink, sit down.”
The incident clearly threw the Artane man off as he struggles to remember what he was singing before getting back into his rhythm. The clip was shared by Twitter user Karen Gill before being retweeted by McFadden and you can catch the humorous moment below…