Brian McFadden, born Brian Nicholas McFadden on April 12th 1980 in Dublin, Ireland to parents Mairead, Brendan and younger sister actress and singer, Susan McFadden. Both Brian and Susan attended Billie Barry Stage School which led them both into careers in the entertainment industry.

Brian’s first touch with music was in 1997 with an Irish boy band, Cartel with Darragh Deane and Tim Madigan. While looking for a manager a year into the band, Brian contacted Louis Walsh who unfortunately couldn’t commit to managing Cartel due to having a new boy band IOYOU. After a meeting between Louis and Brian with the hopes to persuade Louis to manage Cartel, Louis took a shine to Brian, loving his voice, look and determination and in turn offered him the chance to audition for his new band, IOU. Although it was a tough decision, with the support of Darragh and Tim, Brian auditioned for the boy band, which would later became Westlife causing Cartel to split up after Brian securing a place in the new boy band, IOYOU.


After joining IOYOU the group had an audition with Simon Cowell with new members Brian and Nicky Byrne, after being offered a record deal Simon told them to change their name and make it Irish. The group later settled on Westside.

In the summer of 1998, Westside joined Boyzone on their tour after Ronan Keating began to co-manage Westside with Louis Walsh and Brian changed his name to Bryan to make it easier to sign autographs. Shortly after the tour, Westside travelled to London to meet with Simon Cowell to sign their very first contract with Sony BMG. It was this same meeting where they were told of a another name change due to Westside already being the name of several groups and given to options, Westlife or West High. After a discussion, Simon they went with Westlife.

On Brians birthday, April 12th 1999 Westlife released their first single written by Steve Mac and Wayen Hector, “Swear It Again” and this was the start of Westlife becoming on of the biggest boy bands in the UK and beyond. The single went straight into the UK and Irish charts at Number 1 and Number 20 in the US. Four months later, Westlife released their second single “If I Let You Go” again going straight into the UK charts at Number 1, in fact this happened for their next three singles from their debut album, “Flying Without Wings”, “I Have a Dream” / “Seasons in the Sun” and “Fool Again”. Their self-titled debut album, “Westlife” was released on November 1st 1999 reaching Number 2 in the UK charts and hit the certification of 5x Platinum selling over 1,500,000 copies in the UK alone.

Six months after their latest single in 2000, Westlife released a brand new single from their second album, “Against All Odds” with Mariah Carey again just like their previous singles the song went straight into the UK charts at Number 1 the was followed on by another Number 1 hit, “My Love” just a month later. Meaning Westlife set a world record for their first 7 singles to consecutively chart at Number 1 in the UK. After 7 Number 1 singles in a row, their 8th single “What Makes A Man” was the first single not to peak at Number 1 in the charts, Charting at Number 2 for Christmas Number 1 controversially beaten by Bob the Builder with the theme tune, “Can We Fix It?”. Their second album was released almost a year after their debut on November 6th 2000 called, “Coast to Coast” but this time charted at Number 1 in the UK. Months later, Westlife went on their very first headline Arena tour in the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa on the Where Dreams Come True Tour also known as No Stools Tour. After their single release in March 2001, Westlife released “I Lay My Love On You” in Asian countires and not the UK and Irelend and instead released a song for Comic Releif which did not appear on their second album. The song was a Billy Joel cover of “Uptown Girl” and brought the band their 8th Number 1 single. Again the group released another song in Asia, Australasia and Europe from their second album and later appeared on their third album release, “When You’re Looking Like That”. The song was never officially released in the UK but still managed to chart at Number 188. On August 31st 2001, Brian’s girlfriend, Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona gave birth their Daughter Molly Marie McFadden.

On Novemer 5th 2001, Westlife released a new single “Queen of My Heart” and brough the group their 9th UK number 1. A week later saw release of their third album “World of Our Own” on November 12th 2001. On January 5th 2002 before heading out on tour, Brian married Kerry Katona in Dublin. A month later Westlife released their album title track of the same name “World of Our Own” in 2002 and again charted at Number 1 for the 10th time for the group. Three months later while in the middle of their second tour, World of Our Own Tour also known as In The Round Tour due to the stage being in the center of the Arena rather than the end. Westlife released “Bop Bop Baby” co-written by Brian and Shane Filan as well as Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy although the song only peaked at Number 5 in the charts.

Six months later on November 4th 2002, Westlife released their next single, “Unbreakable” and became the groups 11th UK Number 1 single. And a week later on November 11th Westlife released their Greatest Hits album, “Unbreakable: The Greatest Hits Volume 1” and much like the previous two albums, charted at Number 1 in the UK. On February 3, 2003 Brian’s wife, Kerry gave birth their second Daughter Lilly-Sue McFadden. A month later prior to heading on their UK and European Tour, Unbreakable Tour, Westlife released a final single from the Greatest Hits album, a double single of “Tonight” / “Miss You Nights” only peaking at Number 3.

Straight from the Unbreakable Tour and rumours of a split following their Greatest Hits, Westlife came back again with another single “Hey Whatever” unlike all their other debut releases from upcoming albums, the single failed to top the charts, charting at Number 4. Although two months later, Westlife got their 12th Number 1 single with “Mandy” followed by their fourth studio album release on November 24th 2003, “Turnaround” again charting at Number 1. Westlife released one more song from the album in 2004 prior to going on tour, the single “Obvious” charted at Number 3 and would later become Brian’s last single with Westlife.

On March 9th 2004 Just three weeks before Westlife were due on their fourth tour, Turnaround Tour with tour dates across UK, Europe and Asia, Brian announced he would be leaving Westlife and not appearing on their tour as planned but Westlife would continue as a four piece.

Solo Career: Brian McFadden

Following on from his departure from Westlife, Brian changed his name from Bryan back to Brian and signed a solo record deal with Sony BMG. On September 6th 2004, Brian released his first solo single, “Real To Me” peaking at Number 1 in the UK. Making this Brian’s 13th Number 1 single but first solo Number 1. Shortly after the release Brian’s marriage to Kerry Katona broke down and the pair split, divorcing months later. Two months after his first solo single, Brian released his second single “Irish Son” and with controversial lyrics and being banded from several radio and TV Stations and off the back of bad press following his divorce with Kerry the song managed to peak at Number 6. On November 29th 2004, a year after Westlife’s last album featuring Brian. He went on to release his solo album, “Irish Son” but unlike Westlife’s chart success with albums, Brian’s album charted at Number 24. In late 2004, Brian started a relationship with Australian actress and singer, Delta Goodrem and the pair released a duet from his solo album, “Almost Here” in early 2005 charting at Number 3 in the UK and Number 1 in Australia. Shortly after Brian released his last single from the album “Demons” peaking at Number 28.

In 2005, Brian relocated to Australia, living in Sydney with Delta Goodrem. After some down-time and an appearance on a LeAnne Rimes song, “Everybody’s Someone” released in September 2006. It wasn’t until 2007 when Brian released music. After a disagreement with Sony BMG over writers and producers he parted ways with the label as they wanted him to no longer work with Guy Chambers who produced and co-wrote most of his first album. From this he set up his own label, BMF Records under Universal and Island Records.

On April 20th 2007, two years after his latest single, Brian released “Like Only A Woman Can” in Ireland exclusively charting at Number 1. Almost a year later in March 2008 Brain re-released the song with a new mix in Australasia peaking at Number 13 in the ARIA Charts. A month later on April 19th 2008 he released his second solo album “Set In Stone” exclusively in Australasia charting at Number 5 in the ARIA Charts. Three months later, Brian released a remix version of “Twisted” remixed by The Potbelleez peaking at Number 29 in the ARIA Charts later on in the year, Brian released his final single from the album “Everything But You” only charting Number 99 in the ARIA Charts. In June 2008, Brian had his presenting debut with TV Show, Football Superstar on Australian channel Fox8, he presented the show which searched for next biggest football star for two seasons.

In spring 2009, Brian announced he was working on a new project, a duo group called Wall of Soundz with Robert Conley, working in both Sydney and Los Angeles. They released 4 snippets for 24 hours of demos they had been working on for songs, “Just Say So”, “Kickin’ Around The Love”, “Take A Bite” and “Do You Like Me”. Although the pair later decided for Brian to release the music as a solo album rather than a duo.

On April 9th 2010, Brian released “Just Say So” featuring Kevin Rudolf, the song was different to anything Brian has ever previously released with Westlife or solo with the single being Elecropop / Dance. The single charted at Number 1 in the ARIA Charts. Following on from the sucsess of the single, the album “Wall of Soundz” was released on April 23 2010 again exclusively in Australasia. The album was the same genre as the single, mainly Elecropop and Dance and went on to chart at Number 27 in the ARIA Charts. The following single “Chemical Rush” charted at Number 12 in the ARIA Charts and three month later saw the release of another duet with then Fiancé Delta Goodrem with the single “Mistakes” although it didn’t chart as well as their previous duet, charting at Number 44 in the ARIA Charts. That same year saw Brian become a judge on Australia’s Got Talent with Dannii Minogue and Kyle Sandilands, the three remind judges together until 2012.

In 2011, Brian and Robert Conley began working on “Wall of Soundz 2”. Brian confirmed that songs “2999” and “Wasted” were due to be on a repackage of the first Wall of Soundz album, but the pair decided to work on a second album rather than a re-release. On February 24h 2011, Brian released a new single “Just the Way You Are (Drunk at the Bar)” but, due to the controversial lyrics and media backlash the single was cancelled and all proceeds from the single, which had already been released was donated to charities for rape victims. However the single charted at Number 49 in the ARIA Charts. Shortly after the release Brian split up with long-term Fiancé Delta Goodrem after a 6 year relationship.

Two months later, Brian released double single, “Come Party” featuring Lavay Cole and “That’s How Life Goes”. Both songs were on one audio track rather than two separate songs despite having two music videos. The songs peaked at Number 55 in the ARIA Charts. Shortly after the release Brian started a relationship with Irish reality star Vogue Williams on a trip home to Ireland, Vogue returned with Brian back to Sydney as he appeared in Australia’s Got Talent.

Half of a year later in January 2012, Brian released a new single, “Wrap My Arms” a cover of Australian band Sierra Montana peaking at Number 70 in the ARIA Charts. The music video features footage of Brian on tour with Dave Stewart and Stevie Nicks as well as personal footage of Brian and his then fiancé Vogue Williams. Shortly after the release and their engagement Brian and Vogue relocated back to Dublin, spending their time between London, Manchester and Dublin. The couple later married on September 2nd 2012 in Florence, Italy.

Upon his return back to London, Brian went on tour with friend, Ronan Keating and released his first UK album in over eight years, “The Irish Connection” on March 4th 2013 which featured some of Brian’s favourite Irish songs as well as duets with Irish singers including Sinead O’Connor.

Shortly after the tour and album release, Brian and his now wife Vogue signed up to a new reality show “Stepping Out” where the pair would have to perfrom a different form of professional dance numbers, this was Vogue’s first apperence on British TV as well as their first TV appearance as a couple. They went on to become runners up in the show, losing to JLS star, Oritse Williams.

After their near win, Brian released a brand new single, “Time To Save Our Love” was Brian’s first single in the UK since 2005.

The following year saw Brian take to presenting in the UK, often appearing on ITV’s Daybreak and Loraine as well as co-hosting a new Channel 5 dating show “Stand By Your Man”. Following on fro his debut of presenting in 2014, Brian was given his own show on ITV “Who’s Doing the Dishes” which sees contestants try and guess which celebrity has cooked their three-course dinner.

With Brian firmly being back on British TV, in early 2015 he took part in a talent show, “Get Your Act Together” which saw Brian become an escapologist with the training and help from Penn & Teller.

In early 2015, Brian began recording his third UK Album, which is still a work in progress. As he is taking time away recording as well as filming the new season of “Who’s Doing the Dishes” Brian and Vogue Williams announced their divorce in July 2015.

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