Major Westlife Gallery Update!

As promised we have uploaded hundreds of Westlife photos, due to time constraints and other commitments i haven’t been able to really go through the photos and won’t get a chance to really focus on the Gallery over the next few months. So for those asking, I have uploaded over 480 photoshoots to the Gallery … Continue reading “Major Westlife Gallery Update!”

Major Gallery Update!

After a hectic year moving hosts and losing our site amongst other things we have finally got back to focusing on our gallery again. We have mainly been focusing on Appearances and Live photos but we will have lots and lots of Westlife photos coming within the next few days/weeks. Check out some of the … Continue reading “Major Gallery Update!”

Insta-Update + Album News!!

We have finally started to update the Gallery again (sorry for the delay) – We have added all of Brians latest Instagram photos… some of which are from the recording studio for his upcoming album. So far he has confirmed the recording for three songs: Crushing Diamonds Mary Ms Popular Just Enough (To Make It … Continue reading “Insta-Update + Album News!!”